Steve Conley - Values-based Adviser in North Yorkshire

Values Based Adviser is a small, independent, life planning and financial advice company based in Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. We place your values into your life choices and financial transactions, so your decisions become better aligned to your judgement of what's important in life. This is financial planning, done the right way.

Here at Values Based Adviser our services include values-based:


  • Life planning
  • Financial planning
  • Purpose-driven entrepreneur mentoring
  • Financial market integrity campaigning
  • Financial commercial mediation 
  • Motivational speaking


Financial Advice

Life Planning with a professional registered life planner and financial adviser. Find out more.



Business Consultancy

Business planning and funding support from experienced and expert professionals. Find out more.


Leadership Development

Leadership training and development from industry leading business professionals. Find out more.


Public Affairs

International political lobbying by independent, experienced, campaigners. Find out more.




Support on international trade deals intermediation from experienced brokers. Find out more.



International Speaking

Experienced international motivational key note speakers for conferences. Find out more.


Are you trying to do something values based?

Whatever your challenge, why not talk to Values Based Adviser. We have the values-based network to help you.

We're here to help you connect with like-minded people. Please contact Values Based Adviser, today.


Values: principles or standards of behaviour, one's judgement of what's important in life.



It's all about values-based economics.

When economics meets values, the implications for individuals, corporations and policymakers are profound and beneficial in terms of our economy, people and planet.



Values Based Adviser is faith neutral and faith friendly. We work in a respectful and sensitive way with different values and perspectives. Our approach is people-centric, rather than money-centric, and is respectful of diversity. Values Based Adviser is a trading style of the Academy of Life Planning Limited. Information provided on this website is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice. Please see our disclaimer for more details. For further information please contact us. For details of our FCA Registration credentials please visit NBS Financial Planning Limited.

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