Does money buy lasting contentment?

Winners of the Transparency Trophy of the Transparency Task Force show you how.

Let's add Values to the World of Finances


Values Based Adviser is an award-winning, small, independent, financial consultancy firm based in North Yorkshire, with a different perspective of the financial world. We think the industry should do the right thing: "Right advice. Right products."


Right Advice: Plan an ideal life, then put in place the financial architecture to support it.

Right Product: Financial architecture with integrity right through it.


Let's put our SPIN on it:

  • Situation: Values are missing from a world primarily focused on value.
  • Problem: Purpose, people and planet often get forgotten.
  • Implication: Widespread human suffering and damage to our environment result.
  • Need: Place values back on the agenda.

So here's how we go about it. We demonstrate what good looks like, and we encourage others to follow our lead.

10 Things We're Doing to Fix it!

We walk the walk, as well as talk the talk!

1. Leadership Development

At Values Based Adviser we travel around the world helping values-based entrepreneurs build values-based businesses. 


Developing more values-based leaders.

2. Life Planning

At the Academy of Life Planning we help people identify and live their ideal lives, sooner rather than later.


Helping people to live their ideal lives.

3. Adviser Training

At the Academy of Life Planning we train IFAs on how to plan their clients before planning the money.


Helping advisers to be life planners.

4. Financial Advice

At NBS Financial Planning we're regulated independent financial advisers, putting in place the right financial architecture for our clients.


Recommending the right product solutions.

5. Corporate Consultants

At Workplace Pensions Direct we're helping thousands of employers put in place the right solutions for tens-of-thousands of employees.


Right employee benefit solutions.

6. Industry Campaigns

At the Transparency Task Force we are changing the rules and regulations of the global financial services industry.


Right product solutions.

7. Connecting Leaders

At the Conscious Networkers we are creating an on-line global community of connected values-based leaders.


Right leadership network.

8. Charities and Communities

At the Blair Project we are helping teenagers, let down by the education system, to get jobs in engineering via motorsports.


Right opportunities for teens.

9. On-line shopping

At iBuy2Give we are helping charities and community projects to raise funding through revenues generating by on-line shopping.


Right on-line shopping

10. Recovering Stolen Assets

At Asset Recovery Network (UK) Ltd we are helping banks in developing countries recover stolen assets, now stashed in the UK.


Right ownership.

Are you trying to do something values based?

Whatever your challenge, why not talk to Values Based Adviser. We have the values-based network to help you.

We're here to help you connect with like-minded people. Please contact Values Based Adviser, today.


Values: principles or standards of behaviour, one's judgement of what's important in life.



It's all about values-based economics.

When economics meets values, the implications for individuals, corporations and policymakers are profound and beneficial in terms of our economy, people and planet.



Values Based Adviser is faith neutral and faith friendly. We work in a respectful and sensitive way with different values and perspectives. Our approach is people-centric, rather than money-centric, and is respectful of diversity. Values Based Adviser is a trading style of the Academy of Life Planning Limited. Information provided on this website is general in nature and does not constitute financial advice. Please see our disclaimer for more details. For further information please contact us. For details of our FCA Registration credentials please visit NBS Financial Planning Limited.

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